Knowing and supervising your children's school routine is not easy isn't it?

Just remember how many times you have called at your children's school to acquire information?

KaKaaKi is designed to cover the indepth functionalities of any educational institue, from the perspective of various users carrying different roles and rsponsibilities such as Principal, Management, Staffs, Teachers, Students and Parents. All the data is managed in a time sensitive manner along with the data protection policies agreed with our clients, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

Kakaaki would be the best school app to download at current perspective because it has

  • * User friendly back-end which is very easily managed by every class teachers.
  • * Timely updates of each student's information. Thus, Guardian can easily know the progress and updates of school in a click on their mobile.
  • * School Calendars, Alarms, Activities, Exam Routines, Curriculum and Announcements which can be easily notified to everyone related.
  • * Comprehensive online database for school, which can easily systematize student information, accounts, teacher's information (Human Resource) and almost every customized service.
  • * 24/7 support team, which will be there for you to solve every single issue faced during operation of the app.

Kakaaki brings you the whole picture in your fingertips, making easier your parenthood. A mobile app that enables you to get daily updates, results, exam schedule, fee amount and every information you desire? Similarly, we know how hard is to manage schools, with a dual edge management of guardians and teachers along with operational management of daily activities. This is where Kakaaki takes into place, bringing a simple and user-friendly mobile app which can be easily be controlled by your existing teachers and staffs. Delivering you a technological window which can easily add value to the service you provide. You are just a step away from being a smart school.

You are just a step away from being a smart parent.

We know how hard is to manage schools, with a dual edge management of guardians and teachers along with operational management of daily activities. School management has been very tough these days. Here by assimilating the hurdles and problems faced by schools we are presenting you a multidimensional mobile application, My School. Unlike other commercial applications and web technologies in market, this is a free platform which is an umbrella campaign for almost every school in Nepal to bring under one umbrella of techno institutionalization.

Parent App

Kakaaki brings you the whole picture of your children's school in your fingertips. Controlling your childs activities through mobile will make you a smart parent of a smart child. The whole world is going online, why won't you?

Teacher App

Kakaaki is a bridge between you and your student's guardian. Letting them know everything they have a quest to know about their child makes you a smart teacher. The whole world is going online why won't you?

Student Profile

Kakaaki introduces an app where students complete profile could be view with their profile picture. The information contains parents contact details and occupation, student current level of grade and address.

Exam and Test Results

Tired of calling parents to show their childs exam and test results? Hold on, Kakaaki introduce an app where Parents, student's and teacher can easily view the exam and test result history with a few clicks from their fingertips.

Parent and Teacher Notification

Your reception might be exausted calling every parent for the school activities. Dont worry, With this app school management can easily communicate with their teachers and parents by sending schools events and activities message through notification.

Calender and Events

Do you want to override marginal cost of making calender and event notes. Then please install Kakaaki app where a complete school events, holidays and calender could be integrated easily and thus you can save huge amout of your investment.

Financial History

Kakaaki app helps to manage the financial relationship with your clients. Parents could easily watch all of their payment history and due fees of their child. Thus, it helps to maintain a viable and transparent relation between guardians and school management.

Daily and Exam Routine

Are you thinking of ideas on how to manage guardians complain on daily and exam routine. Now with kakaaki app guardians could easily view their childrens daily and exam routine on their mobile.

  • Impact IT

    Technologies and web advancements are not just only used for gaming, shopping, travel or communication. These applications can be widely used in connecting people with the most important integrals of their lives. Applications can also be a trustworthy companion to study or to supervise the day to day activities of your children at school won’t they?

    It’s a rocket mean for an access of information, your children studying school is just a click far from you. From fees to daily routines, from performance of your child till teachers personalized comments are available in a mobile screen, how you feel? Yeah most remarkable point, you can also send in your instant comment and feedback to school, your presence will be always in the classroom where your dream is growing along with your child. Remembering childhood when we first introduced ourselves in the world of alphabets, Ka Kaa Ki and A B C. Initial academic steps and the need of parent supervision over it, Ka Kaa Ki in this context refers to an innovative mobile application that links a student, school and parents. In developed nation, mobile application and web advancement have been a vital component of parent child communication and interaction with schools. Now Nepal is also equipped with a world-class mobile application which has similar features and even more close to a Nepali context. Ka Kaa KI could be something Nepali schools and parents have been waiting for since a long time. Bringing an almost free mobile application which can be customized according to your requirement, Ka Kaa Ki could be an important step towards digital management of Nepali academicsl, right from the primary education.

    Every teachers and class teachers are just a click away from parents and most importantly you don’t need to have a complicated backend updating system to run this app. A simple smart phone and web literate anyone can easily perform the update and notification works. Linking schools with parents and students by a single thread of technology. So schools are you ready to be a smart school? And Parents are you ready to be a smart parent? Ka Kaa Ki is for you, just for you. You can contact us through the link below:

    Mobile: +977-9851182254